Well-being at work

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Well-being at work

Does your workplace need to improve well-being at work or maintain the good level you have already achieved?

The Riiho Guest House in Keuruu and its partners offer good facilities for events focusing on well-being at work. Well-being at work is a goal shared by employees and their employers. It has many beneficial effects like reduced sickness absences which bring cost savings to the company. The cost of organising a well-being event is very low in relation to its benefits. We have more than 25 years of experience in organising various types of events. We will focus on your and your company’s needs to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from your event. Many have already chosen us – again and again. See for yourself!

Peace and quiet in the countryside

Bring your team to a refreshing countryside setting to spend a different kind of day that will have lasting positive effects. You and your company are guaranteed to benefit from workplace community counselling and the time you spend as our guests. We offer a wide range of services for events focusing on well-being at work. Our conference services provide well-functioning facilities, modern meeting technology and tasty food. We also offer inspiring activities in a natural environment. Our workplace community coaches will provide you with tools to ensure well-being in your day-to-day work.

Peace and quiet in the countryside
Group work in progress

Planning together

We help you plan and implement your well-being event in accordance with your needs. You can organise an event based on your own programme, or you can choose from our selection. We offer a comprehensive well-being event based on your individual needs. We organise only one event at a time, meaning that we can fully focus on you, and you can fully focus on your goals. Request a quote!

Did you know? Pension insurance companies provide financial support for organising events related to well-being at work. Contact your insurance company for more information!

Sample event programme

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Workplace community coaches

Mari Blomqvist

Mari Blomqvist, ParaVita

Mari specialises in coaching for management groups, managers and workplace communities, and coaching and change management for companies and individuals.

Kiisi Isotalo

Kiisi Isotalo

Stories, courage, improvisation, the joy of collaboration and learning from others. Laughing together gives energy for day-to-day work.

Pouring coffee into a cup by a campfire
The upper classroom
Cooking sausages
Steaming potatoes


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