Sauna evening

Gentle warmth

Sauna evening

The Riiho Guest House is located by peaceful Lake Riihijärvi. The Guest House has a sheltered, sandy beach with a jetty. The Guest House’s two saunas serve both individual guests and groups. The large electric sauna in the main building accommodates around 10 people at a time. The wood-heated small sauna in the Rantatupa lakeside building is intended for 3–4 people. These two saunas can be heated simultaneously for large groups. Read more about the prices of sauna evenings here.


Snacks for sauna evenings should be planned well in advance. We are happy to serve food to our guests at the sauna. How about freshly baked bread rolls with traditional Finnish potato salad and sausage? Or a lighter option: mushroom pie and a salad with Finnish bread cheese and fruit? Of course, you can also order a country-style buffet for your sauna evening. With your food, we’ll serve water and juice, and traditional Finnish homemade beer if you wish. You can also bring your own beverages.

Read more about our menus here.

Carrying firewood to the sauna
Women bathing in a sauna
Cooking sausages over an open fire
A woman sitting on the jetty

The magic of the sauna

The crackling of the fire in the sauna stove, the scent of a fresh sauna whisk, a dip in cool water, cold beverages and juicy sausages cooked over an open fire. These are the ingredients of a genuine Finnish sauna experience. In the sauna, you will forget all about the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your body will thank you when you sit on the veranda after the sauna, cooling off and sipping sauna beverages.

Swimming in the summer and winter

A swim or dip in the cool lake crowns your sauna experience. Due to its dark water, Lake Riihijärvi is pleasantly warm in the summer. In the spring and autumn, sauna-goers can enjoy the refreshing coolness of its water. Nothing beats the feeling of dipping in a cool lake after the steamy warmth of the sauna.

Ice swimming in Finland is an amazing Arctic experience! Our guests can try ice swimming in the winter, conditions permitting. Challenging yourself and taking a dip in the lake in the winter will leave you feeling incredible. Or you can roll in the soft snow after a sauna. Can you think of a more amazing experience than walking from the sauna to the lake along a path bordered by outdoor candles under a full moon? After a dip in the cold water, you will no longer feel cold. You can walk peacefully back to the sauna and enjoy its heat once more. Or you can dry yourself and put your clothes on – the good feeling after a dip in the lake does not necessarily require another visit to the sauna. You can experience this only in Finland!

By clicking on the image on the right, you can watch a video of our international guests trying ice swimming in January.

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