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Do you feel you need a change? Are you looking for an alternative to conventional conference rooms? Or are your guests arriving over long distances from different parts of the country? The Riiho Guest House offers a traditional, peaceful environment for creative ideas and big decisions. We organise meetings, team meetings and training days flexibly in accordance with your schedules. Our kitchen prepares meals and snacks from scratch, and we also bake daily for our guests. Our guests are often welcomed by the scent of freshly baked bread or pastries in the hallway. We serve genuine country cooking, made from locally sourced ingredients. We pick berries and mushrooms in areas with centuries of tradition. We buy produce and root vegetables from familiar local farmers as much as possible.

You can also stay overnight at the Guest House, and we can organise relaxing or invigorating activities for you and your guests. Activities available in the locality are connected with the wilderness and life in the countryside. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a sauna.

Coffee by the lake
Group work during a meeting
Lunch for a meeting
A computer and coffee cups


Modern conference technology:

Central location

Keuruu is in the heart of southern Central Finland, which is why we attract meeting guests from different directions and over long distances. At the Riiho Guest House, you’ll have a relaxed but effective meeting in an atmospheric setting, no matter how difficult the issues on your agenda. Many of our guests arrive here by private car or charter bus, but we are also accessible by train. The Haapamäki railway station is only 8 kilometres away, and you can take a taxi from the railway station to the Guest House.

Sweet buns in a basket
A meeting in progress


Our meeting facilities accommodate around 40 people at a time. Meals and coffee are served in the dining room. Meetings can be held in the upper classroom or the old sports hall. You will have access to modern conference technology. We have facilities of different sizes for group work. The Guest House’s 100-year-old piano is in tune, and both the large classrooms have Roland electric pianos. The Guest House also has a proper guitar.


You should combine invigorating events with your meeting, like having coffee by a campfire next to the lake or holding a walking meeting in the village. You can also combine other activities related to nature and life in the countryside with your meeting. You can relax in a sauna after your meeting in the evening, and we also offer cosy accommodation. Read more about the selection of local activities here.

The observation tower against a blue sky
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Inside the Guest House

Watch this video to see what type of facilities the Riiho Guest House offers. The video was filmed during a confirmation camp, which is why the rooms are a little untidy – but that’s just a sign of enjoying life and being together.